1. Find a large box and cut to look like a boat. Large enough for 2 or more children to be in. Cut out a door to open and close for easy access to the boat.
  2. Provide fishing hats, life jackets, toy sea creatures and fishing rods. (Magnetic ones work the best).
  3. Students put on a life jacket and/or hat and fish from the boat.
  4. Provide paint, markers or stickers for students to decorate the boat either during or before play.


Other options:

  • Create a mural of different sea creatures near the boat. Students can colour the mural.
  • Hang a large net near the boat and hang different sea creature toys from it.


Talk about:

  • The names of the different animals or object in the play area to build on vocabulary
  • Focus on concepts (ex. Open and close, big and small, in and out)
  • Emphasize the sounds of the month or the individual student sounds
  • Turn taking if the boat is full

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